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This week was alright, started of bad, missed the first two days of work-out but finished strong, and caught up with all the work-outs ive done so far. Physical changes are minimal, i can fit old jeans i havnt worn since high school!! WOOP!! but biggest change is in the amount of energy i have in the morning, i rarely feel slugish and just all round feel healthier, eating right is starting to get easier too, cravings for bad food such as BK and McDs and stuff are dieing slowly…lol but other than that all is going well. Whenever i lose motivation i just youtube other peoples P90X results and it gets me on the right path.

Week 2 down, 11 more to go.
I can do it!!!!

You CAN do it!! (inspirational/motivational quotes to get you through the week)

Monday, March 21, 2011

"You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one."
James A. Froude

Wow, Amazing i like it!

"If you wish in this world to advance, your merits you’re bound to enhance; You must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, or trust me, you haven’t a chance."
W.S. Gilbert

Omg that one rhymes, keep going!

"The Past is to be respected and acknoledged, but not to be worshiped. It is our future in which we will find our greatness."
Pierre Trudeau

Im inspired, THE END

Ok so exactly a week ago i started an exercise programme called P90X (you may have heard of it, you may have not). and i gotta tell you it is hard as a motherfckuer but! im sticking to it.

Basically what it is, is a 90 day programme in which you get 12 different videos with 12 distinctively different workouts and you do each workout according to the programme you get. And so here i am at 2 in the am about to do week 2 day 1 (Chest and Back). Im going to be real, it aint easy. its not some dumb machine that only does one thing, this is a legit workout. But i like it. I like losing weight the old fashioned way, Eat less, Move more = No Bullsh#t

And so every monday im going to blog about my progress, struggles ive had during the week and so on, and hopefully this thing will help me keep on track.

wish me luck guys,

Mikey OUT

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